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Are you self-sabotaging your recruitment efforts

Philip Shepherd

30th November 2020

Recruiting the ideal candidate can be a complex and time-consuming process. While it’s understandable that you want the best person for the role, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the details and drive away great candidates.


The longer it takes you to recruit, the more money you spend per hire. By streamlining your process, you can attract better people and fill vacancies more efficiently.


Here are some of the ways that companies sabotage their own recruitment efforts.

Not being flexible

When hiring for a role, there are of course certain criteria that the successful candidate must meet. However, many companies lose out on great talent because they are too specific with these requirements, creating a highly specialised persona that simply doesn’t exist.


A job advert should include the absolute essentials for the role, as well as a few ‘nice to haves’. Listing every single skill or trait that you’d like the ideal candidate to have can easily put off applicants who would be great for the role in practice, but might feel underqualified based on your requirements.

Not valuing your candidates

Understanding and appreciating the value of the person you’re looking for is key to successful recruitment. This should extend from the job application all the way through to onboarding.


Make sure you’re offering a fair salary for the calibre of candidate you’re looking for, or you’ll price yourself out of the market. If you don’t value your candidates before they even start working for you, it shows that you won’t value them once they’ve been hired either.

Not communicating effectively

As so much of the recruitment process takes place online, it can be easy to forget that you’re dealing with real people.


When someone has taken the time to apply to your company, it’s common courtesy to invest a little time in them, too. Regular communication can really make a difference to a candidate’s perception of your organisation, even if it’s just through automated emails.

Not acting quickly enough

Recruitment decisions can be tough, but companies lose out on great candidates every day because they simply didn’t get back to them in time.


If a candidate is highly qualified and a perfect fit for the role, chances are that they’ll be in demand, so you’ll need to snap them up quickly. Likewise, a lengthy or complex recruitment process can put people off, even if they’re really interested in the job.

Not working on your brand

The recruitment process doesn’t just happen through phone calls and interviews with the candidates; remember that each applicant is also conducting their own research on your organisation.


Make sure your website and social media offer a great representation of your brand and what it’s like to work for you. This can help you to develop your identity so candidates better understand your company and its culture, and decide if they would like to work for you.

Digital recruitment experts

As experts in digital recruitment, Opilio know how to make the most of the recruitment process. If you’d like to discuss a vacancy, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you find the right person for the job.

Philip Shepherd

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