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Creating the perfect home working setup

Philip Shepherd

16th November 2020

Before the pandemic, 70% of the UK’s workforce had no experience working from home. However, in just a few months, home working has become the norm for 20 million Brits.


While it might be tempting to say that they’ve been working from the comfort of their own homes, this isn’t necessarily the case. Instead of being provided with essential equipment and a dedicated working environment, many have simply had to make do.


Here’s our guide to creating the perfect home working setup so you can stay productive while working remotely.

Dedicated workspace

A home office is the ideal solution for home working, as it provides a dedicated space for you to work in, helping you to focus and physically separating home and work.


If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room, at least make sure that your work is contained to a single space in your home. Don’t work in bed or on the sofa, as these places are associated with leisure time.


Having a dedicated work area also provides a boundary during work hours to minimise distractions, and allows you to physically ‘leave work’ at the end of the day so you can switch off.

Desk and chair

Where possible, opt for a proper desk and an ergonomic office chair to allow you to sit comfortably throughout the day.


Sitting at your kitchen table might seem fine for a few days, but prolonged periods working on a surface that’s too low or sitting in a hard chair can cause back and neck issues over time.


A padded chair that provides adequate back support is one of the most important additions to your home office setup. Likewise, ensuring that your work surface is at a comfortable height will make your whole body feel better. You should be able to rest your arms on the desk with your elbows bent at 90 degrees.


Adequate lighting is important to prevent eye strain and to make sure you can get on with your work easily. Natural lighting can be great for your mental health, but make sure to top this up with electric lights and desk lamps where needed.


A consistent temperature will help you to concentrate and promote better posture because you’re not huddling to keep warm. Pop the heating on at a low temperature when it’s cold, and open a window for a little fresh air when you need it.

Organisation and personalisation

Keep your workspace clean and tidy by sticking to the bare essentials and storing everything else out of sight, but within easy reach. Make sure your cables don’t pose a tripping hazard, and create your own system to organise any documents while you work from home.


You can also make the most of having a little more freedom by personalising your home working space. Buy a few plants to brighten up your desk, hang up your favourite family photos, and play a little background music so you’re not just sitting in silence all day. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference these little additions can make.

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