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How to dress for a job interview: A step-by-step guide

Philip Shepherd

17th February 2020

So you’ve nailed the first step and landed a job interview, but what should you wear?


First impressions really are as important as they say, and hiring managers may take just 5 minutes to make a decision about a candidate. But don’t worry! A little bit of forward planning will help you to make sure that your outfit is fit for the job.


Our handy guide will help you to figure out the most appropriate attire to create the right impression.


Step 1: Research the company


Some companies are more casual than others, and looking at their social media posts and Meet the Team pages might give you a clue about what employees are expected to wear.


This will give you an indication of how formal the company’s dress code is. If it’s something more on the casual side, you might feel a little overdressed if you turn up in a three-piece suit and tie. A smart collared shirt and well-fitting trousers might be more suitable.


Step 2: Be professional


Even if you’re opting for a less formal interview outfit, make sure that you still present a professional image.


Your clothes should be clean, ironed, and free from images or slogans that could cause offense. Avoid wearing anything that could be deemed inappropriate for the workplace, such as low-cut tops, short skirts or ripped jeans.


Step 3: Aim for comfort and confidence


Some smart clothes can feel a little restrictive, and this can make you uncomfortable and distracted during your interview.


Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in; one that makes you feel invincible when you wear it. The more you are able to relax and feel like yourself during the interview, the easier it will be to communicate well and give a great impression.


Step 4: Check the weather


Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring an umbrella if it’s going to rain.


Doing this will keep your hair and clothes clean and dry, make you more comfortable, and show that you are organised. If it’s going to be wet or windy, tie up long hair to avoid turning up to your interview looking unkempt.


Step 5: Prepare ahead of time


Don’t leave it until the last minute to decide what you’re going to wear! Check that everything is clean, that it still fits, and that you feel confident in it.


If you need to buy new clothes or shoes for your interview, give yourself enough time to wear them and check that there aren’t any issues like gaping blouses, pinched toes or itchy labels—and remember to remove the tags before your interview!


Now you’re dressed to impress at interview…

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