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How to motivate your employees after the holiday season

Philip Shepherd

7th January 2020

The holidays are over and everyone is back to work. It’s nothing but dullness and drudgery from now on. At least, this might be what your employees are thinking.


It’s understandable that people might not be desperate to get back to their desks after a week or two of food, drink, friends and family, but it’s important to make sure that everyone is as motivated as possible so you can get back into the swing of things.


Here are some ways to banish those January blues!


Show your employees that you care


Many people are returning from the close and caring environments of their families to a workplace where they may not feel particularly valued or important.


Take the time to talk sincerely with each of your employees individually. Ask them how they spent their holidays, what their favourite gifts were, or whether they went away during the break. Try to mention details that are specific to the individual, such as asking: “What did Suzie get for Christmas?” or “Did your sister like the necklace you bought her?”.


It’s also a good idea to share stories about your own festive season. This will help to further develop your relationship by showing a relatable side, laying the groundwork for better two-way communication.


Get everybody on the same page


Depending on how long your staff have been off, there’s a good chance that they’ve lost track of what needs doing.


Schedule a couple of quick and informal team meetings to make sure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Set deadlines and targets, and outline departmental goals for the coming weeks and months.


This will help people to stay focused instead of pottering around while trying to get back into their stride. You could even start a little friendly competition to get people excited about the work!


Extend the festivities into January


One of the reasons that heading back to work in January can be a bit of a downer is because the party season is over, and employees often feel like they have nothing to look forward to.


Planning a post-work meal or a trip to the pub in the first few weeks of January can give your staff something to look forward to. A casual event that people can invite their partners to will make it feel less like a work outing and more like a friendly get-together.


Lead by example


You might be just as disappointed to get back to the grindstone as everyone else, but it’s important to set a good example.


If your team sees their manager or boss slacking off, looking bored, or complaining about being back at work, not only does it set a certain tone that makes it easy to imitate, but it also gives the impression that such behaviour is acceptable.

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