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Is a LinkedIn profile useful for job hunting?

Philip Shepherd

15th September 2020

Everyone knows that a CV is essential when you’re looking for a job. Just about every job advert from entry-level positions to executive roles will ask you to submit a CV as part of your application.


However, while the CV has been around for generations, LinkedIn is, comparatively speaking, a very new addition to the jobseeker’s toolkit. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, or not familiar with social media, LinkedIn can be an incredibly useful tool when you’re looking for new opportunities.


Here are just some of the reasons why you should create a LinkedIn profile and keep it regularly updated.


It’s a professional network


LinkedIn is generally seen as the ‘professional’ social networking site.


While users often share fun posts, personal anecdotes and other posts that you might expect to see on the more casual sites like Facebook, it’s predominantly used as a business platform. Users tend to keep things relatively formal and safe-for-work, choosing to display a more professional side to their connections.


People therefore find strictly business-focused interactions to be genuine and acceptable on LinkedIn, where they might seem forced or out of place on other platforms. This allows you to be very direct about your skills, experience, and current situation. LinkedIn even allows you to display yourself as being “open to work”, so other users know that you are actively looking for a new role.


It’s frequented by recruiters


Of the organisations that use social networking sites for recruitment, 94% use LinkedIn, and 87% of recruiters find LinkedIn to be the most useful social media platform for vetting candidates during the hiring process. As your profile displays your work experience and skills in a consistent format, it allows for quick and easy comparison of candidates in one place.


It’s also a great tool for recruiters to hunt down talent and make connections in the industry. On average, recruiters have 616 LinkedIn connections, so they’re handy people to know when it comes to expanding your network.


Like many social networking sites, you can see the actions of your connections on your timeline. This means that you can see posts from second- and third-level connections that you don’t already know, offering easy access to new and relevant people in a variety of industries.


You can find vacancies that suit your skillset


LinkedIn has its own internal job board, with an average of 100 million job applications submitted every month.


While many of these adverts will have been shared on other job sites, you might find them more easily on LinkedIn, as you already share information related to your work experience with the site. By analysing the keywords and skills in your profile, LinkedIn’s algorithms suggest jobs that you are better suited to. Not only does this save you time when trawling through job adverts, it also means that you might come across different roles that you would not have found yourself.


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