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The Biggest Digital Job Interview Tip

Philip Shepherd

29th May 2019

We’ve seen some really good tips for job interviews already this year including:

Do your research (on the company)

Ask your interviewer insightful questions

Follow up


However, our biggest, and best job interview tip for this year is in answer to the big question:

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

With relation to your career in the digital sector this is such a difficult question to answer.  Does anyone actually have a definitive and specific 5 year plan? Probably not, but it is worth spending a little time thinking of life goals and targets in those next 5 years and how your career might fit into that plan.


We all know how fast the industry changes with technology and the advances that companies are implementing so quickly. Our advice is to be completely honest about the answer with your interviewer, firstly they will appreciate the honesty, and in addition, they will understand your answer, when put into context.


The current job market is volatile with rapid and disruptive change and development. In 2 years-time, or in 5 years-time, how can we know if a job role will still be the same?  We assume it will have developed with the tech market, if the role still exists in the sense of it being remotely similar to what it was when you first started it. It is great to plan for change, and adapt with the role, and you want to assure your interviewer that you are excited, prepared and willing to learn and change with the role and what is required.


What they really want to understand is your motivation for the job, your career focus and your willingness to commit to the company in the long-run.


It is perfectly okay to not have your next five years mapped out with regards to specific detail with your career, no interviewer would expect you to be able to describe EXACTLY what they will be doing in 1,820 days. However, just make sure you are phrasing your answer confidently and logically for your interviewer so that they understand your passion for development within the role.



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