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The worst things recruiters do – that Opilio doesn’t

Philip Shepherd

29th May 2019

It’s no news to us that some recruiters give the profession a bad name. That’s why we set up Opilio. We know how stressful job hunting can be, and we want to ensure that our candidates and companies receive the best possible service.

Here are some of the worst things that recruiters do that you’ll never see from Opilio.

Not knowing the industry

Sometimes roles come in that are a little uncommon, but it’s part of a recruiter’s job to understand the industry they’re hiring for.

Recruiters that don’t do their research won’t know the average salaries for roles in specific industries, what software you should be competent in, or what development you can expect from a particular role.

Recruitment agencies that specialise in a particular sector are often a better choice than more general firms. You can expect them to have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and lots of relevant contacts to boot.

Being impersonal

Recruiters will often contact multiple people in their portfolio to discuss a single job opportunity. It’s not a secret; it’s just not nice if it’s really obvious.

Sending a vague blanket email to all their candidates shows that the recruiter is just casting a wide net. Using a templated message can save time when emailing multiple people about the same role, but it’s important to use the right name in each message!

By putting in a little effort, recruiters can make this a more personal experience for the individual. Taking the time to reference a candidate’s specific skills or requirements shows that they have actually considered this person and believe them to be a good fit for the role.

Not keeping you in the loop

Recruitment can sometimes be a lengthy process, especially if there are a lot of candidates or multiple interview stages. Acting as a middle-man may also mean that the recruiter can’t update applicants because they haven’t been updated themselves.

Good recruiters are proactive and understand how important the process is to their candidates. Even if there is nothing to report, candidates appreciate being reassured that they’ve not been forgotten.

Embellishing the job

Recruiters want to place candidates partly because that’s their job, but also because many receive a placement fee or commission. Unprofessional recruiters sometimes oversell the role to pique your interest, hoping that you’ll take the job before realising it’s not what they promised.

Some of the things that recruiters might drop in to sweeten the deal could be flexible working hours, a pay review within x months, the option to work from home, a higher salary than what was advertised, or any number of other perks.

The obvious problem with doing this is that, at some point, you’ll find out the truth. While it might be easy to claim that miscommunication or flaky companies are at fault, lying to candidates is unprofessional and just doesn’t make sense.

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Opilio Recruitment

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