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Why should you work with a recruiter for hiring?

Philip Shepherd

24th June 2021

It’s a common misconception that hiring a recruiter to fill a vacancy is expensive and unnecessary. However, working with a recruitment professional is actually a smart use of external resources that can deliver great results for your organisation.

According to Glassdoor, the average cost-per-hire is £3,000. That’s a lot of money to spend on the wrong person. Working with the right recruiter means having a dedicated and well-connected person on your team whose job it is to find the right candidate, which is a service worth investing in.

If your organisation regularly recruits new staff but you’re not working with an external recruiter, read on to see why you’re missing out.

Save time looking for candidates

From the internal decisions about salary and responsibilities to writing job adverts and interviewing candidates, the recruitment process is extremely time consuming. In fact, Glassdoor estimates that the average company spends 27.5 days looking for a new employee.

Individual departments often have to spearhead their own recruitment efforts, even when the company has its own HR team. If you’re looking to hire new team members, it’s likely that your department is understaffed or experiencing growth, and you probably don’t have time to trawl through endless CVs.

A recruitment agency will do all the legwork for you, so you can carry on with your regular workload until it’s time to hold interviews.

Skip the job boards

There are literally hundreds of online job sites, and posting your vacancy on each and every one can be both time consuming and expensive.

Job boards are easily accessible, and people can apply for a role in just a few clicks. On the surface, this seems like a bonus, as it means you’ll have lots of choice. However, this can actually work against you, leading to a mountain of CVs from unmotivated and unsuitable applicants.

Instead of just posting on job boards, an established recruiter with a great network can take your role directly to the most appropriate candidates, cutting out the middleman. Your vacancy might even end up in front of someone who is a perfect fit but isn’t actively checking job sites.

Access quality candidates

A recruiter’s contact list is full of warm leads, trusted people and pre-vetted candidates, allowing you to benefit from quality instead of quantity.

On average, 118 people apply for any given job. Only 20% of these applicants are invited to interview, which suggests that only 20% of people are suitable for the roles they apply for. Instead of inviting hundreds of people to apply for a vacancy, it makes sense to focus on a small number of high-quality candidates.

A great recruiter can find these for you without you having to lift a finger. This is particularly beneficial when hiring for C-suite or executive-level positions.

Experts in digital recruitment

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