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Why you didn’t get the job even if you aced the interview

Philip Shepherd

29th May 2019

You leave your job interview full of nervous excitement. You aced it. A few days go by and every time your phone makes a sound, you prepare yourself for the good news. But when the email arrives, you’re confronted with a jobseeker’s most dreaded word: “unfortunately.”

Your heart sinks. You really thought you had it in the bag. You got on well with the interviewer and your CV matched all the requirements, so why didn’t you get the job?

Unfortunately (there’s that word again) rejection happens to us all. There are loads of reasons why you might not have made the cut but, even if you ask for feedback, you may never know the truth.

Rejection doesn’t always mean that you’re a bad candidate. Here are just a few reasons why you might have missed out.

You’re out of their budget

No matter how big the company is, money will always play a big role in the hiring process. Even if your salary expectations are fair and representative of your experience, hiring managers may have a strict budget that just can’t stretch to accommodate you.

Understandably, companies often want to pay as little as possible to get the job done. If two candidates have similar experience but one is asking for less money, it’s likely that they’ll take the cheaper route.

Companies will sometimes choose to hire someone less qualified with a view to training them on the job. While this is more resource intensive, they’ll keep their pay bill down, which may be preferable in the short term.

You lost out to an internal applicant

If you’ve ever interviewed for a job, it’s likely that you’ve been passed over for an internal candidate at least once. While it may feel unfair, there are many reasons why companies choose an internal applicant over an external one.

Existing members of staff already have a good knowledge of the company and won’t require as much training about the industry or processes. They may also have a working relationship with the manager or team members, so it may be preferable to hire someone that will be a good fit rather than an unknown quantity.

You were amazing, but someone else was slightly better

You might have made a great impression and demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the role, but there’s always room for improvement. If you had five years’ experience, someone else may have had six. While you held a relevant role two years ago, someone else might be in a relevant role right now.

Just because someone else has more experience than you, it doesn’t mean that your experience isn’t worthwhile. There could be many other areas where the interviewer preferred you over the successful candidate, so you shouldn’t feel put off by this.

You were betrayed by your online presence

Even if you were completely professional in your interview, having unprofessional content on your social media profiles can cost you the job. Offensive tweets or drunken Facebook photos won’t do anything positive for your career, so it might be time to check your accounts.

Make sure your profiles only show what you would want recruiters or interviewers to see. If you don’t want to delete your posts, at least make your profiles private and give them presentable profile pictures. If you haven’t already, invest some time in creating a LinkedIn profile that will show what a great candidate you are.

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