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Why you need analytical skills to land your dream job

Philip Shepherd

30th September 2019

When advertising a job, recruiters can sometimes be inundated with exceptional candidates that are perfect for the role. While this is great, it can be difficult to select the perfect applicant out of a sea of seemingly perfect applicants.


As experts in digital recruitment, we often come across this situation, and how we narrow the field tends to vary based on the client’s brief and their recruitment needs. However, one of the most common traits that we are asked to focus on when hiring for digital roles is strong analytical skills.


If two candidates are extremely similar on paper in terms of experience, their ability to think analytically and interpret data becomes an important factor in deciding which applicant gets through to interview. Improving this area of your skill set is therefore a great way to put yourself ahead of the other candidates when applying for your dream job.


What are analytical skills?


Although it sounds technical, analytical skills are actually something that we use every day. They enable you to collect and analyse information, solve problems and make informed decisions. Analytical skills are extremely important for just about any type of role, but are especially useful for those that involve working as part of a team.


Let’s take a look at the key analytical skills that businesses require are and what they entail.




Being able to communicate clearly, concisely and professionally is an important skill in any job. Effective communication includes the ability to share your thoughts, ideas and findings both verbally and through written work such as emails or presentations.


As well as sharing knowledge with others, being a good listener is an essential part of communication. Active listening, sensitivity to others’ viewpoints and the ability to react respectfully and without bias will put you in good stead in the business world.




While there are many roles that may require the kind of scientific or academic research that you might think of when you hear the word, what we mean by research skills isn’t always this technical.


In order to solve a problem, you first need to be able to understand it. To do this, you must gather information about the situation, the events leading up to it, and what the possible solutions are.


Data analysis


Simply being able to read and understand information is useful, but the ability to interpret trends and extrapolate data to inform business decisions will set you apart from the competition.


There are many different types of technical analysis that various roles may require of you, including business analysis, cost analysis and industry-specific research.


Critical thinking


Critical thinking is the skill of being able to make an informed decision based on your findings. It ties in with research and data analysis, and enables you to solve problems through a considered approach.


This skill is important for a host of business tasks, including prioritising tasks, evaluating project outcomes, and diagnosing problems.




You might not think of creativity as an analytical skill, but it is a useful addition to your analytical skill set. It allows you to view problems in a different light, and to approach them in a way that challenges the norm and unlocks new solutions.


It’s useful for problem solving, collaborating as a team, strategic planning, innovation, and any tasks or problems that would benefit from a new perspective.


Your analytical skills at interview


While interviews in the digital sector often include a formal written or practical skills test, many interview questions are designed to test your understanding and application of analytical skills.


This includes questions such as: “Give me an example of a time when you came up against an unexpected obstacle and what you did to overcome it” or: “What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry within the next 12 months?”


When applying for a job or preparing for an interview, be sure to include as many examples as possible of the analytical skills we have looked at above to show your suitability for the role and to distinguish yourself from the competition.


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